The Demolished Man
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Now that the EP is out of the way....on to the album

ok I don't actually want to give you that idea, because I want everyone who's interested to buy the EP

but a number of people have been e-mailing me and seem very interested to hear details about the album...

I'm sorry to say that I have very few specifics...

all that I can say is that it will be released sometime this spring (that nebulous time around May) and that the album will almost certainly be titled

"Last Exit"

the album has ten tracks...some from the e.p's....but most should be new to you all

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
oh and keep you ears and chequebooks ready for this one

The "High Come Down" EP has been printed up and all that

it'll be officially released on February 23 at a store near you...

the tracklist is

1. High Come Down
2. Birthday (Manitoba Mix)
3. Under the Sun
4. A Certain Association

Special thanks to fellow hammer boy Dan Snaith for the amazing remix...

Saturday, January 17, 2004
two things I wanted to mention

first is that the first junior boys full length album is finished and is in the process of being manufactured, pressed and all that jazz as far as I know (and I rarely know much) it will be in the stores sometime in early spring...but I will of course keep everyone posted...

second...I have just heard the new Air album called "talkie walkie" and wanted to mention that I think it's a total masterpiece...without any doubt the best album I have heard in years....I urge anyone reading to get it

thats all

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