The Demolished Man
Monday, December 22, 2003
well why can't I do a best of 2003...everyone else is:

Fave Tracks of the year:

1. Kode 9-Subcontinent
2. The Sea and the Cake-Four Corners
3. Koushik-One in a Day
4. Wayne Wonder-No Letting Go
5. El-B-Amazon
6. Manitoba-Jacknuggeted
7. Thomas Fehlmann-Gratis (shit was that this year?)
8. Dizzee Rascal-I Luv U
9. Space Cowboy-Just put your hand in mine
10. tie...Lacquer-Behind/ The Dears-Same old plot

Best Track of Last Year heard this year
Metro Area-Miura

Fave Musicians (re)discovered this year (by me)

1. Talk Talk
2. Front 242
3. O.M.D
4. Prefab Sprout
5. Jamie Principle
6. Atmosfear
7. Throbbing Gristle
8. Eduard Artemyev
9. Conrad Schnitzler
10. Hall & Oates

Best Reissues:
Liasons Dangeures
Simply Saucer

Best Film:
Bus 174

Best Hamilton Band:
Orchard Hill

Best Story:
Nick Kilroy kills a duck with his bare hands

Best Restaurants:
Seven Numbers

Jade Garden
Crystal Dynasty (big up yoself)

Best Live Show
Apparently it was Killing Joke at Lees Palace (but i wasn't there)

Best Girl:

Best Relative:
tie. Sister or Cousin Julian

Friday, December 19, 2003
Maybe its because I'm new to the whole music business thing, but I cannot simply feign a passing interest in being praised on year end lists by journalists whose words and thoughts i have (quite literally) invested so much in over the years...

So I, with great pride and hopefully some humility, refer you all to Simon's Year end wrap up . I usually wait for this list with great anticipation each year... so to see myself on it was nothing short of absolutely thrilling...and I'd also like to thank Mark @ K-punk for his review. I know I know musicians aren't supposed to care what journalists think...but I suppose there's nothing I can do...It's a strange time for music, I doubt there has ever been a time when the sheer art of criticism has so far exceeded what music was being produced...I won't apologize for the state of music...but I will offer my sincerest thanks and wishes for a good new year to all the bloggers and journalists who've quite literally made my year!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

check this Tufluv review out....

I don't know what is weirder the fact that the new ep is compared to goat herding/ the sounds of indigestion/miami vice
the fact that (I think ) this is a positive review...

although it must be said that saying that I sound like "daryl hall with a cold" is easily the greatest thing that has ever been written about me

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