The Demolished Man
Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Cocteau Twins are amazing...

I guess this really isn't news has to be said...a friend of mine has given me a whole slew of mpegs of old videos and the number one in rotation goes to Cocteau's "pink,red, orange" (i think thats the right order)

some definite contenders though

80's- Killing Joke
Transmission -joy division

Oh...and a real GEM...
a video for a song called "boat talk" by the band Living....

does anybody have any idea who these guys are?

they occupy that nebulous spot in which its impossible to decipher between totally horrible and the greatest thing ever made

ok whats new...

All is well on the release front...things are being pressed etc as we speak, and a definite release date (hopefully early sept.) will be set soon....(rumour has it that a remix by a certain beach-boy loving austrian glitch genius will appear on the first E.P.)

place your orders now kids

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